Although the days of XP have long disappeared over the horizon, the issue of activation is still relevant.

Now Windows XP is installed on almost 8% of computers in the world. The figure is significant, which means that Piggy still has to live and live smile. If you download a system image via torrent, then in most cases only a key is included, which often simply does not work. It will allow you to install the OS, but after a few days the system will ask you to activate it.

An interesting fact - official support has already been discontinued, but Microsoft is still asking for money for its product.

Well, if she asks, so we will provide it to her:

To do this, we need a special crack - a Windows XP activator - it will allow us to activate without a key and forget about it forever (we have already laid out a similar WPAkill thing, but there is a slightly different principle of operation).

1. Download (password - 111):

2. Unpack the contents of the archive into one folder;
3. Run the bat file installer.bat;
4. The console will open, in it press any key

5. Then again;
6. It remains only to reboot.

The main difference from other programs of this type is that activation works with absolutely any version of Window XP.

A few more words:
To do it or not is everyone's personal business. If you do not activate hp, then it's okay and you can use it, but it will be a little inconvenient: the system will load much longer than necessary; the notorious black screen without the ability to change the background image; and notification in the tray area.

Additional link to Windows XP activator:

pass - 111

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